And whoever volunteers excess – it is better for him. (Surah Al-Baqara (184))

COVID-19 Volunteers needed! Due to the urgent needs in the Healthcare sector, Media, Grocery delivery, and other sectors to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Ministry of labor has open the doors for Volunteering who have the will in supporting the operations against the outbreak. Please register your information on the Website ( and apply and you will be contacted once a chance is open for your service.

There are more than 28 volunteering opportunities including those that can be done from the comfort of home. This initiative was planned for, from quite some time as per the Vision 2030 of KSA. While some organizations were dispersedly providing opportunities on an individual level for volunteers to participate, however recently a separate portal by the Ministry of Labor has been initiated to ensure, no legal issues are faced by volunteers due to strict labor laws in the KSA. This has also made it possible for the Governmental as well as Non-Governmental & welfare Organizations to access a pool of volunteers from one place. Currently, all people who have a basic know-how and can interact in the Arabic language including translation work, medical staff support, food distribution, and many many more.

Personally I have been working with a volunteer organization for almost 8 years and let me tell you this from my very personal experience; there is nothing more fulfilling than helping others out just for the sake of ALLAAH. On the path of helping out, you will also meet amazing people and make great friends who are helpful, kind, supportive & possess a common spirit to help others.


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