About Dome as a workplace:

Dome is an amazing place to work with growth & professional development as well as learning opportunities for leadership and OJT. If you are an inspired team player with the necessary qualifications & experience-
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Please note that to apply at Dome, you must have a minimum;
  • Bachelors’ Degree from an accredited university.
  • You also must be fluent in English, reading, speaking & writing as Dome is a fully English medium school.

    Perks for working at Dome include:
  • Timely & Competent Pay
  • Coaching & Guidance from Leaders
  • Training & Professional Development
  • Official Email Address with Dome Schools domain
  • Access to a huge database of resources for ease of work
  • Residence Permit expenses & Standard medical Insurance paid for

    Purpose of Job:
    The work of the school accountant involves maintaining complete and systematic records of financial transactions (revenue sources/ receipts, payments, adjusting daily entries). Work requires also the use of computer-driven data entry equipment for establishing and maintaining records and producing reports.

    Job Tasks & Duties:
  • To organize, maintain financial records and files including preparation for financial reports.
  • To verify documents and forms for accuracy and achievement.
  • To receive registration, tuition, and other fees.
  • To keep accurate records for all financial transactions.
  • Collect tuition fees, books, and uniform fees.
  • Call parents who are not paying tuition fees on time.
  • Submit a list of learners’ names whose parents did not pay the required fees before the distribution of the report cards.
  • Submit such a list to the financial director as well.
  • Ensure all pre-auditing requirements are fulfilled.
  • To pass along all bills, together with their proper invoices to the Line Manager / Director.
  • To pass along the hours of all staff to the Line Manager / Director.
  • Perform other incidental tasks consistent with the goals and objectives of this position.
  • Able to prepare reporting in English on a given company format.
  • Able to maintain records & all necessary documentation for QA & Continuous Improvement.
  • Effective usage of online resources & Dome digital system as per job requirements

    Skills :
  • Team Player.
  • Filing, Record Keeping & Accounts Management.
  • Understanding of rules & regulations of KSA & implementation to ensure all records are in order.
  • IT fluency.

    Job Specifications:
    a. Prior experience of 2 years (minimum) of working in KSA or any GCC country.
    b. Able to understand spoken Arabic language and expert in English language, spoken & written.

N.B. Candidates selected for interview are only contacted.

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