Everyone is playing a vital part in trying to stop the spread of coronavirus! Many people have been nervous about gaining weight while staying behind the closed doors; during the lock-down, the mind only thinks about food, this is where we get to know that we have started gaining weight.

I always had a tendency to gain weight until a few years back I saw a video that made me realize that there is a lot of information on each packaged food item to help you to control your weight. But I didn’t understand much. So, I took an online course on Nutrition and started hunting for a good dietician. One day I found one dietician who charged me around 600 dollars claiming that I would never gain the weight back. As soon as I left her diet, I started eating in portion control and still gained 5 kgs back. I was shocked to see my weight coming back within a month. It kept me depressed for so long. Here again, I started hunting for a good dietician but to be honest this time I was afraid of paying money keeping my old experience in mind. If you are struggling to lose weight due to excessive weight, PCOS, or Thyroid and can’t afford those highly paid dieticians don’t worry I’ll mention a certified dietician who’s helping me lose my weight as well just for FREE!!

Since lock-down started internet is going viral on how people are putting on weight so fast. I have lost almost 5 kgs since lock-down started with the help of my mentor #Soha. She possesses all the good qualities a mentor should have. She has a willingness to help people – FREE of Cost – and no-strings-attached. She demonstrates a positive attitude and guide everyone as a role model. She provides customized diet plans according to your weight, height, and BMI. If you really want to shred the stubborn fat do join her #FaceBook group for free customized diet plans and subscribe to her #YouTube channel for the latest recipes included in the diet plans.

Through my experience of downs, ups & downs, I have learned quite a few lessons that are generic for everyone and not just me. These lessons are a very important guide for anyone willing to lose their weight irrespective of who and how they are. It has helped me and I’m sure it’ll help you if you are just looking for a list of few practically applied and tested healthy tips to adopt in your life.

-Drinking enough water: At least 8 glasses a day are necessary to keep oneself hydrated.

-Keep healthy ingredients at home: Ever since we are isolated, half of the world is trying different cuisines which contains a lot of empty calories which has the tendency to gain weight fast. So, to avoid yourself from eating junk, store some healthy snacks around.

-Walk: While we are doing face-to-face or long audio calls over the phone due to self-isolation. Every time you call your family or friends, walk instead of sitting this might help you burn some calories.

-Use a small plate: Using a smaller plate to eat can help you take smaller portions of food. As smaller plates when filled up gradually gives a fuller look.

-Plan your meals: Try to plan your all 3 meals at least for a week making sure to stick to portion control. You may find this helpful to make a weekly grocery list.

In the end determination, self-control and commitment are the most important ingredient of your mental diet that will keep you stick to your diet.


Linda Purcell · May 29, 2020 at 4:15 pm

I, too, have lost weight. Thank you for your suggestions. Food has kind of disgusted me. I think one thing that has helped me though is slowing down with my eating. I have always eaten at warp speed. It’s a habit I am sure. I have no where to rush to right now. I have taken to pick at my food. It takes me a long time to eat a meal. By the time I should be finished I am already full.

Ethne Tierney · May 29, 2020 at 4:50 pm

Wow! Fair play to you, I can only say congrats! I’ve heard a lot of negative negative self-talk about gaining weight, It’s great to hear about happy stories too x

Jimmy · May 29, 2020 at 9:47 pm

congrats and thanks for sharing

Natalie · May 29, 2020 at 11:45 pm

I’ve been looking for tips like this. I really need to lose some weight…and keep it off. Thanks for these ideas.

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